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NEW Ambassador Residence

Mongolia / Ulaanbaatar
Luxury serviced apartments Expected yield 10%
182,000US dollars~

“AMBASSADOR RESIDENCE” equipped with state-of-the-art Japanese technology

Japanese technology has been adopted in the “AMBASSADOR RESIDENCE” under supervision from TECRA Inc. a Japanese contractor acting as a construction consultancy in Mongolia with a proven record of on-time completion.


An executive area lined with embassies and five-star hotels

“Ambassador Residence” luxury serviced apartments are located in an executive area lined with embassies and five-star hotels in Ulaanbaatar, the largest city in Mongolia. As mineral resources beneath the vast lands of Mongolia are drawing significant attention from across the world, Mongolia is now boasting the highest economic growth rate in Asia at 5.1%. Nearly half of the national population of this rapidly growing country is concentrated in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Landmarks of particular prominence are located in this area, including the Ulaanbaatar Station that connects to Russia and China, the Diet building, the Mongolian State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, the National Amusement Park and more.

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Interior Design by Akihisa Kageyama

Akihisa Kageyama, an architect highly recognized in Japan and throughout the world, designed the interior of the apartment.


Lok Wo Sha/Hong Kong(2009-2015)

2015 The Hong Kong National Property Awards
‒ Residential High Rise Development
‒ Architecture Multiple Residence
‒ Mixes Use Architecture
2014 The best Residential Development Award



2015 Best Office and Business Development Gold medal
2015 The Rider Levett Bucknall Australian Dept of the Year
2014 The National Award for Commercial Architecture
2014 Sir Arthur G Stephenson Award
2014 The Sustainable Architecture Award
2014 Innovative Use of Steel in Architecture


Kyoto / Minami Yamashiro Elementary School (1996-2003)

2005 JIA Excellent Building Awards
2004 RIBA World Wide Award
2004 RIEF Chairman Award


Kyoto / Shinpukan(1999-2001)

2005 JIA Excellent Building Awards
2004 Good Design Award
2004 BELCA Award


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Property Overview

Property Name Ambassador Residence
Country / City Mongolia / Ulaanbaatar
Location Sukhbaatar district
Type Luxury serviced apartments
No. of floors Ground floor: Parking lot and machine room 
1st floor: Entrance, reception, and lounge
2nd floor: Restaurants
3-12th floors: Condominiums (a1, a2, b1, b2, and c types)
13-16th floors: Condominiums (d1, d2, and e types)
Penthouse: Machine room
No. of condominiums 62
Completion February 2020
Constructor Construction consultant:
Supervises process management and provides technical guidance as a construction consultant based on their abundant experience of overseas construction projects.
Constructor ECC LLC
One of the leading domestic constructors of Mongolia that is engaged in national projects such as the new international airport and large-scale residential complexes.
Facilities and conditions SECURITY
Video intercom:
For e type (149㎡)
Shows a video image of visitors at the entrance.
Provides double-security system with automatically-lockable entrance doors to prevent intrusion by any suspicious persons.
Security cameras:
Security cameras are deployed in different places, such as the entrance and throughout the building to prevent any intrusions or criminal acts.

Intelligence key:
Not only prevents lock-picking but also allows residents to open/close the door with the single press of a button.

Security guards are always present at the entrance for the prevention of any intrusions or criminal acts.

Japanese integrated kitchen:
A Japanese integrated kitchen with a large storage capacity is provided as standard.

Concierge service:
A concierge is permanently stationed at the entrance.
The concierge can receive parcels and clothing for cleaning services, etc.

Bidet toilet with a heated seat:
A bidet toilet with a deodorizing function and various other comfort features is provided as standard.

Japanese bathroom dryer, floor heating, and SIGMA elevators and sash
German triplex windows
Japanese and German sanitary equipment
One-hour fire resistance entrance door made of steel, and parking lot
Electronic shutter gate, automatic fire alarm system, indoor fire hydrant, sprinklers, and concierge services
*All images are for reference only.
Area Building area: 432㎡
Plot area: 1,300㎡
Gross area: 6,991㎡
Floor area: 10,300㎡
Price 182,000 - 390,000 USD
Key points 1. Superior residential environment:
Provision of advanced equipment still not common in Mongolia, e.g. floor heating, filtered air conditioners, and bathroom dryers.
Removal of coal pollutants and reduced burden on external environment.

2. Property management:
A property management company based in Mongolia develops and maintains a comfortable living environment using Japanese technology under supervision from staff at a Japanese management company.

3. Interior design:
Sophisticated interiors of the building designed by renowned architect Akihisa Kageyama, who has abundant experience in overseas construction projects.

4. Quality control:
Monthly on-site visits by TECRA Inc. for thorough quality control and process management from commencement of construction to completion.

5. Structure:
Comfortable living is ensured due to a wall-type frame structure, which is a combination of a rigid-framed structure common in Mongolia with bearing walls used in core parts and residential sections.

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