Our Business

InvesCore Business Lines

Domestic and Overseas Real Estate Trading and Development

  • Domestic and overseas (mostly developing countries) real estate trading (land and buildings)
    Real estate development with domestic and overseas partners

We conduct real estate development operations primarily in low-competition developing countries in Asia, such as Mongolia or Laos. Our greatest strength in this business lies in our access to quality information through a strong local network. We provide high-quality domestic and overseas properties built by Japan-based partner constructors that satisfy client purchasing needs.

High-Income Class Asset Management and Succession Consultation

  • Consultation regarding client asset management and succession using overseas affiliates and the InvesCore real estate business
    Brokerage of overseas investment properties

We propose a custom-made plan for overall asset management and succession that is aligned with each client's needs from a global perspective. We propose comprehensive solutions for each customer using a broad specialist network with accountants and lawyers based in Japan and overseas.

Research & Consulting

  • Advice for individuals and corporations entering overseas markets
    Investigation and research on various global investment projects
    Investigation and research on legal and tax systems in the respective countries

We offer a wide range of consulting services for domestic and international business management strategies primarily for the overseas business expansion of clients of any size and industry. We propose effective solutions utilizing our diverse and highly-specialized knowledge and expertise of our consultants as well as international affiliates and partners.