In connection to our continuous commitment to society, InvesCore redistributes part of the profit from its business to people of the countries where it operates.

As described below, our actions include specific initiatives conducted by our local affiliates in Mongolia and other countries where we operate investment projects. We will further expand our borderless social programs as our business grows.

Donation to An Orphan Home and Facility Renovation Work

As part of our commitment to society, we provided interior renovation work for a public orphan home in Mongolia through our parent company InvesCore. 
Although the national budget covers meals and other essentials in Mongolian orphan homes, the national budget is not sufficient to cover facility renovation. This situation has often led to severe deterioration in children's residences and insufficient facility equipment (lavatories, toilets, and showers, etc.). 
The first renovation project has already been completed and a renewal ceremony was held on November 22, 2017, which was reported by local media.

We will continue to provide facility renovation and building expansion works in orphan homes in Mongolia.

Donation to Mongolia Paralympic Committee

We are a registered Golden Partner of the Mongolia Paralympic Committee. We provide consultation on issues and necessary actions in the development of Paralympics in Mongolia, and support Paralympic athletes through donations. We will continue our commitment to help developing Paralympics in Mongolia and support Paralympic athletes in international competitions.